Serato Group International Ltd | subsidiaries
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Serato International Development Ltd: We are into real estate development and urbanization. Construction of roads, bridges, dredging and reclamation. Transport and logistics. Facilitation and consulting.
Lawsam International Multisolve Limited: At Lawsam International Multisolve Limited, we provide services in the areas of Transport and Logistics, Fleet management. We outsource Mortgage, Financial Support and services. We also provide support staff, equipment, vehicles and consulting.
Serato Multisolve Limited: We offer Real estate development, infrastructure development and financing. Raising of funds internationally for infrastructure and shelter.
Aderomade Goodnews Investment Limited: At Aderomade Goodnews Investment Limited, we consult for Foreign companies intending to either get a contract or establish in Nigeria. We offer Procurement services and supplies of consumable equipments.